Quality.  That’s what we’re all about! Making each and every customer happy is an only option for us. We only buy quality inflatables.  With over 20 years experience in the rental business, you can be sure that we will be at your event on time and your equipment will be clean and set up safely and properly.  We are Lake County natives and we love how operating a business here brings us closer to our community.  We love what we do and it is a way of life for us.  That commitment will shine through in our customer service.  We look forward to your call and bringing some fun to you!

:: Frequently Asked Questions ::

Q -Do I need to be there at time of delivery?
A – Yes. We will need to go over the safety rules with you, collect payment and you will need to sign a rental agreement.

Q – What methods of payment do you expect?
A – Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Q – What will I need to do before delivery?
A – Big Al’s Party World will provide and set up all necessary equipment except for a garden hose if you are renting a waterslide.  Clear the area of rocks, sticks, animal droppings, etc. Turn off irrigation system. Have any vehicles moved out of the delivery path. Mark the ground for any underground utilities or irrigation pipes (our stakes are at least 18” long).

Q – Does the inflatable require an attendant?
A – Yes.  A trained adult attendant must supervise the inflatable at all times. We will thoroughly train you or your designated attendant how to operate the inflatable safely at the time of delivery.

Q – Are inflatable units safe?
A – Yes. We inspect all units after each use. We will train you on the safety rules with you as well leave you a copy to refer to. Following these rules will ensure you have a safe and fun event.

Q – How much space do I need?
A – All of the unit measurements are listed on our website for you to refer to. Allow at least 10 foot (more is preferable) buffer area around each unit. Note: Slip-n-slides need “running” room. The inflatables must be clear of all overhead power / utility lines and tree branches. We reserve the right to refuse setup if conditions are not safe. We take pride in our clean inflatables and insist that all animal yard waste must be removed.  We reserve the right to deny a rental due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Q – Do you deliver to parks?
A – Yes. You should check to make sure power and water (if needed) are available. You must reserve the park.

Q – Are you licensed and insured?
A – Yes.

Q – Will you show up for my event?
A – Of course. Once we put you on our schedule, we will be there!

Q – Are the inflatable units clean?
A – Yes. They are cleaned and sanitized between each use.

Q – What is your cancellation policy?
A – Please be kind and let us know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule or cancel.  We would like the opportunity to rent it to someone else.  We will call to confirm and check the weather usually the Thursday before each weekend. With the exception of bad weather, all deposits are nonrefundable; however, if your rental is cancelled, the deposit may be used towards a future rental within three months of the original scheduled rental date.

Q – I have well water. Can I still rent a water unit?
A – As long as you have a water treatment system to remove any staining elements in your water. Iron in water will permanently stain our units. Note: you can buy a temporary filtering system for your water spigot at your local hardware store.

Q – Do you deliver?
A – Yes. We only deliver, set-up and pick back up our units. This will make sure all units are properly and safely set-up.  We do not allow pick-ups of our equipment. Set-up normally takes about 20 minutes per unit.

Q – What happens if it rains?
A – If the weather is not cooperating on the day of your reservation, we will be happy to work with you to reschedule your reservation.  As a safety precaution, if it is actively raining or storming we will not deliver or setup the unit.  We will contact you prior to delivering the equipment if the weather is questionable.  At the time of this call, if you choose not to have the equipment delivered due to weather concerns, the full deposit will be returned. No refunds are given if it rains during your event. It is not going to damage the inflatable or the blower motor if they get wet.  However, if winds exceed 15 MPH or it is thundering and lightning, riders should exit the inflatable(s) and wait for the weather to clear. Unless winds exceed 15 MPH, leave the unit(s) inflated to prevent water from getting inside.

Do I need to provide power?
A – Yes.  We need a standard 110v outlet for each blower motor. The inflatable must be within 100 feet of an outlet.  We ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlets we are utilizing.

Q – When do you deliver and how long can we keep it?
A – We deliver either the night before or the morning of the event.  We will let you know where you will be on our delivery schedule when we call to confirm the week before.  We are flexible with our delivery times. You tell us when your event is and we’ll be there to set-up before it starts. You get to keep it for the day, which is usually for a period of up to 6 hours.  If your event is at a park or public place, we will need to be there when your event begins and ends.

Q – What kind of surface do I need to set it up on?
A – A level, grassy area works best. We can also set-up indoors like gyms and churches if we have access.

Q – What should I expect on the day of the event? How does the process work?
A – The day of your event, we will deliver and set up the unit at a prearranged time.  As part of the setup, we will discuss placement options for the unit, review the rental agreement, train you as an attendant that will oversee and have responsibility of the ride, and go over any questions regarding safety, proper use, and any other topic you wish to discuss.  YOU MUST BE PRESENT in order for us to setup as we need to review important safety and operating procedures with you. If payment has not already been made or a balance is outstanding, it will be due prior to setup of the unit. We accept cash, credit card, and check.

Q – How do I make a reservation?
A – Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!  Calling will ensure you prompter service.

  Q -What supplies come with the concession machines?
A –

  • Cotton Candy: 1 carton of pink vanilla or blue raspberry sugar (your choice of flavor) and 50 paper cotton candy cones. 
  • Popcorn: Ready to use popcorn kits and fifty, 1 oz red and white popcorn bags.
  • Snow cone:  Two 25 oz bottles of syrup; 1 cherry and 1 blue raspberry.  You’ll need to pick up a few bags of ice.  Any kind will do.  We recommend white Styrofoam cups.