1. All occupants must remove Shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry and any other sharp objects including toys.
  2. No somersaults, diving, wrestling, rough play or flips.
  3. No food, drinks, gum, candy, pets, fireworks, or silly string.
  4. Do not attach or tape anything to the inflatable(s) such as balloons or decorations.
  5. Riders with any mental or physical impairments or injuries must not ride the inflatable(s).
  6. Should any equipment develop a problem or does not function correctly at any time, Lessee should immediately cease use of that equipment.  In particular, if an inflatable unit begins to deflate, attendant should have the riders exit the unit and then check for one of the following conditions: a) The motor has stopped; in which case check the power cord connection.  B) If motor continues to run, check air tubes on the back of the unit for snugness and tighten the ties if necessary. C) If either of these steps does not correct the problem; call Big Al’s Party World, Inc. at (352) 383-4511.
  7. DO NOT use and immediately disconnect power to inflatable(s) or powered rental equipment if inclement weather occurs.  WARNING – It is unsafe to ride inflatable(s) if winds exceed 14 MPH and all riders must immediately exit inflatable(s) if winds exceed 15 MPH, heavy rains occur or if lightning is present.
  8. Riders must be of comparable age and size.  Do not mix older, bigger riders with younger, smaller riders.  Please refer to the information plate on unit.
  9. Riders must be ages 3 to 17 only with the following exceptions:  Riders must be ages 4 and up to ride water slides, and 10 and up to ride the Joust inflatable. No Adults are permitted to ride any of the inflatables. All safety and operating instructions contained on the inflatable(s) and any other rental equipment must be complied with and followed at all times.
  10. NO OVERCROWDING. Refer to the safety and operating instructions attached to each unit to determine the maximum number of riders allowed on that particular unit.
  11.  Riders must stay off nets, bounce away from others and bounce away from the sides of the inflatable.   
  12. Under no circumstances are riders allowed on the exterior, roof or walls of the inflatable units.  Do not allow anyone to climb on any of the exterior of the inflatable units.
  13. Use of whistles for a signaling device is recommended.
  14. DO NOT put soap or any other slippery substance on or in any of the inflatable units.
  15. Under no circumstance shall any person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other “intoxicating” substance ride any of the inflatable units.
  16. If inflatable(s) are left overnight, please unplug them and turn off irrigation.
  17. DO NOT move inflatable(s) after being set up by Big Al’s Party World, Inc. The inflatable units must be securely anchored at all times. If any inflatable unit’s anchoring becomes unattached, please contact Big Al’s Party World.
  18. Keep riders away from inflatable(s) blower at all times.


  1. Children must be at least 4 years old to ride water slides or the age listed on the safety and operating instructions contained on the inflatable(s).
  2. Only 1 rider must slide down waterslide slide area at a time.  With the exception to the Slip-N-Slide, Riders must ride down slide feet first.
  3. Riders must wait for the previous rider to exit pool or landing area before attempting to ride down slide.
  4. No water toys, such as boogie boards and floats are permitted on any of the inflatable units. 
  5. DO NOT leave water running on inflatable units after deflating them.  Turn off water and drain pool before deflating.
  6. No climbing up, jumping on or jumping off the slide area.  Riders must use the ladder to reach slide area.

The safety of your children is important to us!  Please follow these rules to ensure a safe and fun event.